Increase throughput, product handling efficiency, and
maximum support for operational processes

From transportation to sortation, palletizing to loading and unloading, conveyor system technologies replace manual picking and transport processes creating a more consistent, ergonomic and organized operation. Conveyor systems are modular, can handle a variety of product sizes, shapes and weight, and can be tailored to your business needs.

Bottle conveyor

Bottle Conveyor

  • Conveyor modularity

  • Quick and fast installation

  • Adjustable guide rails

Conveyor Benefits

  • Automates repetitive movement for increased efficiency and reliability.  
  • Intelligent product movement and careful handling keeps products safe, buffered, and reduces product loss. 
  • Seamless system integration helps to support and enhance automation technology and operations.
  • Modular and versatile solution to support picking, workstations, loading and unloading, sorting and more.
  • Ergonomic improvements through reduced personnel walking and manual carrying of products.
Container conveyors

Product Container Conveyor

sanitary conveyor_edited

Sanitary Conveyor

Pallet Conveyors

Designed to transport pallets, in the process of packaging, storing, loading, or unloading empty and full pallets. Helping to increase throughput and flexibility in transporting and maneuvering heavy loads, pallet conveyors also help lower the overall costs of operations.

Various pallet conveyor technologies, configurations and customizations are available to meet your specific needs and processes to get operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Roller Conveyor

  • Conveyor modularity

  • Can be combined with:
    – Centering units
    – Lifting unit

  • Two-way drive

Chain Conveyor

  • Quantity of chains: two or three

  • Easy accessible drive

  • Two-way drive

Corner Station

  • Based on standard design

  • Max. load capacity: 1500 kg/m

  • Can be combined with:
    – Rails
    – End stops


  • Up to 270° rotation

  • Precise final position

  • Comes with protection ring

Pallet Magazine

  • Safe handling of pallets

  • Stand alone or inline version

  • Can stack up to 15 good pallets or 10 faulty pallets

Speak with the Engineer



IMPROTECH will work with you to determine the optimal conveyor solutions, placement, and integration with other technologies to ensure that you achieve throughput and quality goals now and in the future.

Consider the following details:

  • Type, size and weight of items being conveyed
  • Facility space and layout
  • Destination locations, need for curves or transfers
  • Processes – accumulation of products
  • Environmental conditions
  • In-line equipment – ID scanners, scales, print & apply label applicators