Robot with Bag Gripping Unit

Bag Palletizing Robot


Make Increased Accuracy, Productivity and Efficiency More Repeatable

Flexibility is one of the special features of a robot, which is used for packing and palletizing.

End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

In product handling industries, robotics are used for picking, sorting, packaging and palletizing of products.
Many of these task are relatively simple, others more complex.

This requires the End of arm tooling (EOAT) to be equipped with a gripper, designed specifically for the particular part geometry.

Benefits of Robotics

  • Increases uptime, with support for 24/7 lights out operations
  • Reliably executes repeatable tasks for safer, more accurate product handling
  • Designed for product extensibility that allows for easier programming and addition of new robotic capabilities or functions
  • Seamless system integration to support and enhance automation equipment and processes
  • Requires minimal maintenance for longer, reliable operations
  • Available modular components and systems to accommodate custom needs and future growth

Jaw Gripper Head

  • Holds the entire layer from all four sides

  • Product stability during transfer

  • Adaptability to any layer dimensions

Foam Vacuum Head

  • The foam adapts to the thickness and shape of a particular product

  • Can pick any kind of product

BAR-TYPE Gripper Head

  • Used for palletizing and depalletizing glass bottles

  • Adapts to different bottle models

  • Comes with automatic cardboard sheet removal frame

Magnetic Gripper Head

  • With permanent magnets

  • Pneumatically switchable

  • No maintenance

  • Low energy consumption

KEG Gripper Unit

  • Designed for various keg sizes

  • Secured grip of kegs

  • Minimum maintenance

The gripping heads serve as part of a machine or robot that picks up the product and positions it according to a special requirement. The type of heads is important as it is designed based on the characteristics of the product we are considering and the needs of the customer.

All types of robotic applications work as packaging, palletizing and also in the opposite direction, as depalletizing or unpacking.


While exploring various robotic solutions, IMPROTECH will work with you to fully understand your objectives and needs in order to determine the optimal turnkey or custom robotic solution.

Consider the following details:

  • Operation flow and throughput needs
  • Facility space and layout
  • Labor availability and needs
  • Future operation growth and scalability needs
  • Unique product handling requirements
  • Existing automation technology

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